First, we live in Hillsboro, Oregon. We have one middle-aged tom cat and two younger tom cats. We live in a house, and like to host events, a church home group, celebrations, parties, and barbecues with it.

This domain and another came up on a Saturday morning birthday brunch for Sara Lum.. where she was quite pleasantly surprised by a visit from her friend Stacie Waddell who came from New York state.
Sara, being familiar with the hosting that we do, mentioned that I should register domains for it. So, I did. Enter and similarly

I figured this site can be used to avail our calendar, which does list events we host and also gives our "busy" times, as it is also a shared calendar for us to use.. and thus keep our lives straight!

Why two? Not all events are located at the "Watts Party House".. it might be at another venue.

While we are not running a business by doing this, we do want to present what we do in a semi-professional way.

But why do we do this? We like to bless others with hospitality. Our door is rarely closed to guests. We know that with hectic lives, it can be hard to plan something for somebody.. we don't mind it.

Lord willing, we intend to continue blessing others in this way. We hope you agree!